AdventuriQ is a gamification platform software for all type of game designers. The platform allows to design game dynamics and revitalize all types of events while you get live results.

The software is ready to use: there is a Content Management System, Gamifier; and a free App ready to download and use for each participant after you design the game dynamic.


You design and plan your own adventure using the Gamifier. With this content management tool, you will be able to create the game dynamic from beginning to end.

We give you the software ready to use therefore you can concentrate your efforts on the game dynamic and the post game


Team Building

Build a team for any work environment using different activities, following any client requirements and play directly from the app everywhere. The app is the ideal tool for team building activities allowing a mix of the offline and online atmospheres.

Product Promotion

You can now easily promote any new product or idea and let people experience their own way to discover it. Let them follow the clues to discover your new treasure: the product or idea. You can also give them, via the app, a discount, a price or any merchandising gadget!


Game Based e-Learning

Use a traditional question-answer mechanism, a trivial option, the share a photo alternative etc. to check who knows more! You can now control the knowledge with a game, forget the old exam choice!

Escape Rooms

You can only get the code to escape if you pass the different skill and knowledge challenges, just… play!

Tourism Promotion

By using all the different app challenges your visitors can enjoy any space in a different way. A specific town, a museum or a theme park will be funnier and more attractive if you can get a free ticket, a discount or a present.

Gamified Guided Visit

Forget about listening to a traditional audio guide! Now you can interact and be part of the visit. The app structure is ready to use as an interactive guide where any visitor can experience a visit to a museum, a gallery or a city!

Street Escapes

Turn your city into a big boardgame! Use the geolocation feature to block the missions and challenges. In this manner you can only play if you are close to the adventure!

Health & Safety

By using the different challenges, as for example “Share a photo”, Question/Answer, Trivial or Check-in, you can test people´s knowledge about a specific theme. It becomes useful when a company needs to discover if the employees are aware about all the Health & Safety regulations.

Store Promotion

Doesn´t matter if you are a big shopping centre or a small local shop, with AdventuriQ you can manage your own exclusive event. Organize an adventure to promote your new shoe store, and the best part is that you can automatically get the details of your attendees. Always under the GDPR new rules. 

Game Parts

Game mechanics can be used in all the environments you can imagine via:

   Points: Any participant or a group of them will get a score while they are playing when they complete any task.

   Rewards: users can get rewards when they pass a challenge or a specific task. These rewards can be a clue or a code to unblock the next level.

   Prizes: depending on the game dynamic you can give the user a different type of prizes.

   Leaderboard: tthe best way to quickly see the live classification user table at any time from the app or directly from the Gamifier.

  Challenges: here we have the competition. Each participant can show who is the best!

  Challenges Lock: you can lock any challenge access via alphanumerical code, QR or GPS.

Challenge Types

We have a daily platform improvement to offer you the maximum number of challenges. Therefore, you have more options to build your own adventure.

AdventuriQ offers the following challenges:


The Game Designer should access to the content management, Gamifier, from a browser and create the game dynamics: the game designer can choose the number of tasks, how many challenges, where the players should be (using the geolocation option), if they deserve a reward and if they will have any specific prize.

Once the adventure is finished the game designer just press publish and the adventure will appear automatically into the app adventure list.

The participants only need to install our free App in any device (IOS or Android) and be ready for the game!

The Event Manager can manage a live ranking of the adventure. So, you can immediately now how a specific player is going with any of the tasks and challenges.

Personalize the app with your company logo and corporate identity!

Feel free to ask us your doubts or questions!


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